Frisco’s $5 Billion Mile Is Just Starting with Cowboys’ the Star

When you see construction cranes along the Dallas North Tollway north of State Highway 121, you’ve hit Frisco’s $5 billion mile.
Referring to a stretch of proposed real estate developments, the $5 billion mile is anchored at the south end by the Dallas Cowboys’ Star development and at the north end by the planned Gate mixed-use project.
That works out to something like $950,000 a foot in big property deals along the tollway between Warren Parkway and Lebanon Road.
Though only about a fifth of the proposed projects are under construction, that hasn’t kept Frisco from turning the idea into a major marketing campaign. Advertisements for Frisco and the $5 billion mile are popping up in financial publications touting the boom underway in the community.
“It’s taken on a life of its own, and the momentum that has been generated in such a short period of time has been incredible,” said Jim Gandy, president of the Frisco Economic Development Corp. “We have stepped up our marketing efforts on a regional and national and international basis.
“The recognition and notoriety of the $5 billion mile has far exceeded our expectations.”
In the late 1990s, Frisco began to transform from a sleepy farming and railroad community into one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Development spread north from State Highway 121 up Preston Road and along Dallas Parkway.
“Stonebriar mall opened in 2000, and there was an incredible amount of commercial retail development launched,” Gandy said. “With the mall and the Frisco Bridges development, it’s grown to more than 4.5 million square feet of retail and restaurant space.”
About the same time Stonebriar Centre mall was being built, developer Craig Hall began his 162-acre Hall Park office development at the tollway and Gaylord Parkway. The Hall development now has 16 office buildings with more than 2 million square feet of space. And plans are in the works for a hotel and shopping.
“This whole northern tier of the Dallas North Tollway is exploding like never before,” Gandy said.
The Cowboys’ $1.5 billion home is just the first of the $5 billion mile developments to open its doors.

Guide to Cleaning Before Moving into North End Apartments Dallas

So, you’ve found the North End apartments Dallas of your dreams, and in just a few short days, you’ll be moving in. You’ve probably done a bit of decluttering in your prior residence and your belongings are all packed up. Before you move into your new space, you may wish to do some cleaning to ensure the apartment unit is up to your standards. The management team may do some preliminary cleaning, but the rest is all up to you!

Do A Walk-Through

Before you officially move into your apartment unit, make sure to do a walk-through. Check all of the fixtures and appliances included in the unit to ensure they’re working properly. Take a notepad with you where you can record all of your findings, and should you find something not in working order, let the landlord or management team know.

What To Clean Before Moving In

*If the apartment has carpeting, make sure to properly vacuum. Once you’ve vacuumed, rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional to do it for you.

*Use disinfectant wipes to clean any surfaces present in the unit. Bathroom and kitchen countertops are especially susceptible to germs, not to mention, they’re always the last to be wiped down. Give the cabinets a quick clean too!

*Scrub the bathtub, toilet, and the sinks in the apartment using a cleaning agent that you trust. Don’t forget that any appliances that come with your unit should always be given special attention.

*Faucets should be checked for potential leaks and make sure that air vents are reasonably clean. Should air filters need replacement, let your landlord know.

After Moving In Cleaning

When you’re ready to move in and unpack your stuff, you should pay attention to keeping your apartment clean. Keep a vacuum handy to clean dust and dirt off the floor as you move your boxes inside. Depending on the lighting, you may also recognize some spots you may have missed the first time around.

Management teams rarely clean windows, so this is your chance to do so when you’re moved in. Just grab some newspaper or a microfiber cloth and some Windex, and you’re good to go. Pay special attention to nooks and crannies where dust can gather.

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting time for all tenants. With that being said, you should be moving into a clean and allergen free space.


External Features of an Apartment That Is Worth Renting

Put any house on rent demands that the tenant is satisfied with the features of the house. In general, the tenant would do well to inspect both the external and internal features of the house. This is the only way one would be sure about the state of the house. On the other hand, making an informed decision would be practically impossible without taking this step. Suppose you are looking for north end apartments dallas to rent, the following information is for you.

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Apartments That Are Able To Attract Tenants

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How To Buy An Apartment Easily

In this day and age, owning a personal apartment has become quite important. With the ever skyrocketing prices of apartments and rentals, the need to own a personal apartment cannot be overemphasized. Perhaps you have realized this and you are wondering how you can easily buy an apartment from one of the places within the United States. This article will explain how you can easily buy an apartment within a short period of time.

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Things To Bear In Mind When Buying An Apartment

Buying a new apartment often appears very easy to the eyes of an onlooker. However, the actual process is quite tedious. You may go through a hard time before you can be in a position to buy an apartment that is meeting your personal preferences. There are numerous reasons why some people fail to buy apartments whose features are consistent with their personal preferences. One of the most reasons accounting for this is the fact that most people prefer to buy apartments that only meet a few of their demands. This means that they compromise on other important matters such as the location of the apartment and the distance of the place to important locations such as schools and offices.

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