Check Out These Three Restaurants On The North End Of Dallas

Dallas is so huge that you really need to look at it in sections. North Dallas is a popular section of the city, and you will definitely enjoy time spent there. Do you plan on calling North Dallas home? If you are moving to Dallas, you are going to have more than one opportunity to visit each one of these restaurants. It is time to take a look at three of the best restaurants in North Dallas.

Maple Leaf Diner is one of those establishments, and doesn’t it just sound like a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy a nice meal? Maple Leaf Diner is great for breakfast, brunch or lunch. One of the reviews made me laugh because the person mentioned that nothing on the menu is healthy. Now, this was said in a positive way, and I mean it that way, too. Yes, it’s great to eat healthy and find restaurants that serve healthy food. However, you have to love a place like this when you are on vacation.

Thai Fusion is another popular place in North Dallas, and it is on Preston Road. Would you like to enjoy some duck curry? That is one of their popular dishes. Thai Fusion also serves up delicious egg rolls, Tom Kha soup and much more. Now this is a place where you can eat delicious food that is also healthy. That is one thing about Thai cuisine for sure.

We have one more restaurant to look at in North Dallas. Cattleack Barbecue is the place, and don’t you just love the name? They serve up delicious barbecue there, Texas style, and so there is no way you are leaving there disappointed. In fact, none of the three North Dallas restaurants in this article should come even close to disappointing you.