North Dallas Standoff Prompts Apartment Evacuations

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police evacuated a north Dallas apartment complex after a man fired shots into one of the units.

Police were able to bring this to an end peacefully without any injuries but not before some tense moments all unfolding before a crowd of evacuees.

People packed the sidewalks and grassy areas surrounding the Suncrest Apartments after patrol officers heard gunshots from the building. The officers weren’t the only ones who noticed the distinct sound and the sight of gunfire.

We were locking the door, and we turned that way as soon as we heard the shots, and it looked like it was yellow and white, and I don’t know,” tenant Melaniie Torres said.

Torres says she and her family live directly below the suspect. Police say the man fired multiple shots into an occupied apartment before barricading himself in his own unit.

“At first we thought it was like a car backfiring or something, but as we were walking we heard something just kind of graze by,” said David McKnight, who lives nearby.

As the SWAT team set up a perimeter, investigators say the suspect fired shots through a wall with SWAT officers on the other side. Police sent tear gas into the unit, and the sound startled the crowd outside. Eventually officers were able to convince the suspect to surrender.

“That’s our goal is to have zero injuries including the suspect,” Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said.

Police are not releasing the suspect’s name and say for now they don’t know why he fired the shots. He faces four counts of aggravated assault, and more charges could follow.

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‘Rats Fell from the Ceiling’ at Chipotle in Downtown Dallas, Customer Says

Rodents were crawling around a downtown Dallas Chipotle in the West End Historic District on Tuesday.

A Facebook video showed one rodent scurrying across the ground, another climbing the wall and a third limp on the ground at the restaurant in the 200 block of North Market Street, near Elm Street. Customer Bahadir Han Koseli uploaded the footage, which had been viewed nearly 115,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Rats fell from the ceiling at Chipotle in the West End,” he wrote. “That brought a quick end to lunch. Management didn’t do anything while we were there but apologize.”

Koseli appeared to have removed the Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, but the video remained on Twitter.

Chipotle corporate said they were mice that got into the restaurant from the outside.

Management removed them before contacting professionals who found a small structural gap, which is believed to be the access point and is being repaired, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. spokeswoman Quinn Kelsey said.

“This has definitely been high on our radar since yesterday, and we’ve been in close touch with the customer to offer our sincerest apologies and to make it right,” Kelsey said. “This is an extremely isolated incident, but of course it’s never anything we’d want our customers to encounter.”

The Denver-based company has tried to regain the public’s trust after several health-related incidents in the past few years, most notably an E. coli outbreak in 2015.

Recently, one of its restaurants in Virginia closed after some illnesses reported by customers that were consistent with norovirus, a virus from contaminated food that can cause stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But the Dallas Chipotle has received stellar food inspection scores the past three years.

In January, the city gave the restaurant a score of 94 out of 100, which means “very good,” according to the scale.

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Developer Kdc Is Working on Project at the North End of D/Fw Airport

Developer KDC is marketing a mixed-use building project at the north end of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The 50-acre tract at Royal Lane and State Highway 114 is owned by an Austin investor.

KDC is pitching the vacant Avion Business Park property as a site for office, hotel, retail and industrial development.

KDC is one of North Texas’ busiest commercial builders with a number of corporate projects under its belt.

The developer is currently building the more than 1 million-square-foot State Farm Insurance campus in Richardson.

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North Texas Home Sales, Prices Set Record in June

North Texas real estate agents sold a record number of houses in June.

Last month 11,638 preowned properties changed hands in the area – up 13 percent from a year ago and the largest number ever in a single month.

Area prices also hit a high point in June. The median sales price for a single-family home was $256,000 – 8 percent ahead of where it was in June 2016, according to data from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information System.

Through the first six months of 2017, real estate agents have sold 51,627 houses through their multiple listing service – 5 percent more than in the first half of 2016.

“I think Dallas will set another record for all of 2017,” said Dr. James Gaines, chief economist with the Real Estate Center. “The market is still very strong and it isn’t backing off much if anything.”

Gaines said worries about rising mortgage costs may be putting pressure on the summer homebuying market.

“It could be the talk of interest rates increasing by the Fed is spurring people to come into the market and brining demand forward,” he said. “If you believe the cost of financing is going up, it spurs you to action.

“In the long run increasing interest rates will cause demand to go down a little bit.”

There are signs that the huge undersupply of homes for sale in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is easing.

At the end of June there were 11 percent more houses listed for sale with agents in North Texas than a year earlier. Almost 22,000 houses were on the market.

But that still only amounts to a 2.6-month supply of preowned homes available for purchase.

And almost 13,000 of the houses listed for sale are priced over $300,000.

Sales of homes priced at $1 million or more have had the biggest increase this year. So far in 2017 874 million-dollar properties have traded – 37 percent more than in the first half of 2016.

Sales of North Texas houses priced at less than $180,000 are down because of a shortage of low and moderate priced properties.

The average time it takes to sell an house dropped to just 36 days in June, down 5 percent from a year earlier, according to the data from real estate agents.

North Texas in the last few years has seen some of the fastest rising home prices in the country.

Median sales prices in the first half of 2017 were up 11 percent from the sale period last year.

And in the last five years prices have jumped 55 percent, according to the latest sales data.

The biggest price increase have come and the low and moderate sections of the market.

Appreciation of high-end homes has begun to slow this spring and summer, agents say.

“The over $750,000 market for sure is most definitely flatting out,” Gaines said. “There is a whole lot more inventory in the upper price ranges.

“If you are looking at a house less than $250,000 there is a real shortage.”

The booming economy in North Texas should keep the local home market hot through the rest of 2017, Gains said.

“Dallas-Fort Worth and really all of Texas has been a bellwether market around the country,” he said. “Until the economy slows down considerably the housing market will stay strong.”

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Five Dallas Beers to Cool You Down This Summer

From the beach-ready to the hops-to-the-face, we’ve put together a range of DFW-brewed beers that will get you through a North Texas summer.

Although summer is more of a formality than an actual seasonal shift for North Texans, the end of school and a national holiday or two offer some unique opportunities for themed beer consumption. While your options might seem simple — lagers, limes, drink, repeat — we like to think that DFW’s breweries offer a broader range of pints for the rites of the season. We’ve paired five of our favorite local beers with five of the most recognizable activities for this time of year — because there ain’t no cure like these summertime brews.

Get salty this summer.

Solidarity with the neighborhood lemonade stand: The Salty Lady (Martin House)
Summertime offers North Texas youths the chance to make a little extra fidget spinner money by setting up shop as the neighborhood lemonade stand. All it takes are a sleeve of Dixie cups and a few scoops of Country Time mix in a pitcher of water to put these elementary school entrepreneurs in business. After you’ve ponied up your 50 cents to support local business, consider grabbing a sixer of Martin House Brewing’s Salty Lady to drink in solidarity with those pint-sized startups.

The Salty Lady is a gose, which, along with the Berliner Weisse, is the most summer-friendly of sour beers. Faithful to traditional recipes, Martin House includes salt and coriander in its brew, but the final result recalls nothing so much as Vietnamese salty lemon soda. It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s sour, it’s bitter — and, at 5.2 percent alcohol by volume, it won’t slow you down if you’re called on for some lemonade stand consultation.

If you love the Salty Lady, you’ll especially love Martin House’s latest release: the Imperial Salty Lady, which it describes as the “same great beer, just amped up the ABV to 9 percent.”

Rahr’s Dadgum IPA, released in April, is Rahr’s take on a West Coast IPA.

Cuss-free completion of dad jobs: Dadgum IPA (Rahr & Sons)
Father’s Day has just passed, and after receiving a new tie and 24 hours of appreciation, dads will once again be tasked with those thankless household chores. Clearing gutters, edging the yard, taming the chaos of the garage — that’s freaking hard work, man, especially if there are little kids around and Pops is doing his damnedest not to drop some profanity in the process. Give the old man in your life some extra props for carrying off his duties swear-free and pour him a Dadgum IPA from Rahr & Sons, which released this juicy new brew in April.

Rahr bills the Dadgum as its take on a West Coast IPA. This ale delivers the juicy, citrusy hop profile of that style (thanks to a combination of Eureka, Citra and Lemondrop hops) along with a respectable 6.6 percent ABV, but it drinks much more like a mellow session IPA than a Cali palate-wrecker. With the aroma of the pine with which Dad will someday build that deck, Dadgum is the best toast you can offer your favorite paterfamilias.

If you’re gonna hop in a body of water — and obviously you should — you’ll need this blonde ale brewed in Rockwall.

Hanging out in a body of water: Lakeside Cerveza (Woodcreek Brewing Co.)
While we advise against trying to tube in the Trinity, you can’t beat North Texas’ many man-made bodies of water to keep the heat at bay. Be it kiddie pool or Lake Ray Hubbard, spending hours under the beating sun calls for beers that skew light, low-alcohol and local. Rockwall’s Woodcreek Brewing Co. has crafted the Lakeside Cerveza to satisfy those requirements.

A blond ale billed as a “Mexican-style beer,” the Lakeside Cerveza manages a few curve balls for a poolside chugger. Despite being a crystal-clear pour, the Lakeside has a heftier mouthfeel than other, wispier riffs on Mexican styles. It also presents an unexpected creaminess and a malty oomph that belie its aggressively filtered appearance. Overall, it drinks more like a hearty, refreshing Kellerbier than some macro-micro compromise. Don’t forget your waterproof koozie.

Screw your summer palate and go hard with DEBC’s Dreamcrusher.

Keeping your sanity on the Fourth of July: Dreamcrusher (Deep Ellum Brewing Co.)
Given our current political climate, the temptation to skip out on the family’s Fourth of July barbecue, hole up with microwaved hot dogs and repeat viewings of Independence Day instead is strong. If that’s not an option, well, it might take some of the strong stuff to get you through any sociopolitical conversations with the fam. We suggest Deep Ellum’s Dreamcrusher.

Dreamcrusher is a double IPA brewed with a dash of rye and some patriotic-sounding hops — Liberty, Apollo, Columbus, Representational Democracy. (We might have misread that last one.) It pours waves-of-grain amber and, at 9.5 percent ABV, drinks with the power of Captain America punching a thousand Hitlers in the face. Sip or shotgun, depending on your situation, and hold out for the desirable kind of fireworks.

If a double IPA is a little too intense for you this summer, check out DEBC’s new Summer Mix Pack, a mixed 12-er filled with Dallas Blonde, Deep Ellum Lager, Neato Bandito and the new Deep Summer, an ale made with hibiscus, lemon peel and chamomile flowers that you can only snag in the pack.

Crank the AC and go hard on Tupps’ Black Ale.

Thermostat at 60 and chill: Black Ale (Tupps Brewery)
Let’s be real: If you’re even remotely close to a sane person, you’ll be spending your days in the iceberg embrace of Texas-strength air conditioning. Perhaps as you point and laugh at the poor, sweaty souls staggering outside from the comfort of your living-room igloo, you will relish the chance to drink something wildly seasonally inappropriate — something like Tupps’ Black Ale.

This sweet stout is equal parts roasty and sweet, like burnt toast soaked in the leftover milk from your Lucky Charms. It’s got a lighter body and lower ABV (just 5.4 percent) than other stouts on the local market — a summer-weight stout, if you will — so you can drink a few over the course of an afternoon-into-evening as you cuddle beneath a blanket and thank your lucky stars for the thermostat. Just don’t chill the glass. That would be overkill.

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North Texas Patients Blame Eye Drops for Lost Vision

DALLAS – The number of alleged victims and impacted eye centers have grown two months after the first reports of an incorrectly mixed medicine used in some cataract surgeries have left some patients without vision.

About 35 North Texans have hired attorneys, claiming they likely permanently lost eyesight due to an incorrectly mixed solution used in a routine procedure.

At the end of April, Key-Whitman Eye Center announced several patients had worse vision after receiving a common medication following their cataract surgery. The common medication was mixed at a local compounding pharmacy. Dr. Jeffery Whitman identified the pharmacy as Guardian Pharmacy Services. The surgeries happened between Jan. 31 and Feb. 21, 2017.

Guardian Pharmacy Services is in Dallas, and not affiliated with the national Guardian Pharmacy services headquartered in Atlanta.

WFAA has learned a second center, Tylock-George Eye Care in Irving, also confirms that it used the same solution in a small number of its cataract patients. One of them is Julie Shipp of Lewisville.

“I can’t drive. I can’t see at night very much, and there are no lenses that can correct me and nothing can be done,” she said.

Patients reported extreme sensitivity to light, flashing and vision loss in the eyes that underwent surgery. Guardian Pharmacy Services provided the solution used in those surgeries.

“It’s two kinds of emotions. One, you’re relieved that you know what happened,” said Shipp. “The other emotion is you are angry that someone injected a drug into your eye that was poison.”

Shipp is one of about 35 North Texans who have hired legal representation. Attorney Andrew Sommerman represents Shipp and 19 others.

“This is an epidemic that didn’t need to happen,” said Sommerman. “I believe there are over 100 folks that have been affected by this at a number of different centers.”

Sommerman says he continues to get calls from other potential victims three to five times a week. Many, like Shipp, want retribution for what they’ve lost.

“I would like the Guardian pharmaceutical company put out of business for mixing this drug that changed all of our lives,” said Shipp.

WFAA contacted Guardian Pharmacy Services for comment and were directed to an attorney who is representing the business. He has not yet returned our calls for comment.

Billy Dunnill, attorney for Tylock-George Eye Care sent WFAA this statement:

After becoming aware of retinal issues that did not appear to be related to surgical technique, we were greatly concerned to learn that a post-surgical antibiotic medication, formulated by a supplier, might be responsible. We are working with each of the affected patients and doing everything possible from a clinical standpoint to help them and support their recovery.

© 2017 WFAA-TV

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North Texas Home Sales, Prices Broke Another Record in May

G.J. McCARTHY/Staff Photographer

North Texas home prices are still on a hot streak.

In May the price of preowned homes sold in North Texas surged another 10 percent from a year earlier.

At a median price of $255,000, area home prices have never been so high and show no signs of a cool down.

As long as demand for homes in the area remains strong, Dr. James Gaines, the chief economist with the Real Estate Center, sees not stop in the price growth.

“As long as shortage persists there’s no end,” Gaines said. “Rate of change might vary, but it’ll still be significant.

“Demand continues to outpace supply.”

North Texas real estate agents sold 10,939 single-family homes last month, according to the latest data from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

May’s home sales were 15 percent higher than in the same month last year.

“The North Texas housing market continues to have a shortage of home listings, especially under $300,000,” said Ted Wilson with Dallas-based housing consultant Residential Strategies Inc. “.With demand far outstripping supply of ‘starter’ and ‘first move-up’ homes, it remains commonplace to see multiple offers at or above asking price for these more affordable homes as the come to market.

“The challenge is that, with all the growth and in-migration of households stemming from our robust job growth, there simply is not enough housing stock for those households seeking lower-priced, well-located homes.”

Neighborhoods that saw some of the biggest year-over-year homes sales gains in May include Duncanville (up 73 percent), Fairview (59 percent), Wylie (50 percent), Oak Cliff (46 percent) and North Dallas (38 percent).

Through the first five months of 2017, area real estate agents have sold a record 40,592 houses – up 5 percent in sales from the same period in 2016.

Another 11,311 home sales were pending but not yet closed at the end of May.

One of the biggest increases in sales so far in 2017 has been North Texas properties priced at $1 million and more. As of May 663 million dollar homes have traded – 37 percent more than in the first five months of 2016, according to the Real Estate Center.

There is finally some sign that the huge shortage of homes for sale in North Texas is easing. In May there were almost 20,000 homes listed for sale with real estate agents in the more than two dozen counties included in the survey. That’s a 10 percent gain in homes for sale from a year ago.

Even with that increase, there is still less than a 2.4-month supply of area houses in the real estate agents’ multiple listing service.

On average it took only 37 days to sell the houses that traded in May.

In 2016, North Texas real estate agents sold a record of more than 100,000 houses.

And median home sales prices in the area have shot up by more than 50 percent in the last five years – one of the biggest such gains in the country.

Paige Shipp with housing analyst Metrostudy said as long as the difference between prices of existing and new homes remains high, preowned values will continue to rise.

“We are seeing a slowdown in price appreciation for new homes, but the median is still $315,000,” she said.

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Thursday Storms Bring Heavy Rain, Cooler Weather to North Texas

It felt a lot nicer outside Thursday after a heavy round of storms moved through North Texas.

Last month was one of the driest Mays on record, but the first day of June brought scattered thunderstorms and a hail threat. Some areas got less than an inch of rain and others got more than 2 inches, meteorologist Jesse Moore with the National Weather Service.

At DFW International Airport, only .15 inches was recorded. Dallas Love Field measured .45 inches. But a city of Dallas rain gauge at Skillman Street and Southwestern Boulevard saw 2.21 inches, he said.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for parts of Dallas County that was allowed to expire. Some flights were delayed a few roads experienced flooding.

The rain did do a nice job of cooling things down. DFW reached a high of 87 at 1:39 p.m., but three hours later the temperature was down to 74 degrees.

“It’s June 1 at 5 in the afternoon and the temperature is 77 degrees,” Moore said. “Who’s going to complain about that?”

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Identifying Dallas Cowboys’ 5 Most Improved Positional Units

As usual, it was an eventful offseason for the Dallas Cowboys. Once again they passed on signing some of the bigger names in free agency as they focused on improving their roster through the draft.

Rather than adding expensive players in free agency, the Cowboys have opted to pay their own and add cheaper free agents. Dallas was able to add a few names in the later days of free agency that helped improve depth across multiple positions.

While some positions lost numerous starters, such as safety and offensive line, the team improved in multiple spots this offseason, specifically on defense.

Here are the top five most improved positional units for the Dallas Cowboys heading into 2017.

No. 1: Defensive Line

The Cowboys lost a few veterans on their defensive line this offseason (Terrell McClain and Jack Crawford), but Dallas was able to add a lot of talent to the group via free agency and the draft. First, let’s take a look at the veterans the Cowboys added.

Stephen Paea was signed to compete with Cedric Thornton for the starting one-technique job. Paea finished 2016 with an average grade (75.7), according to Pro Football Focus. With Dallas not having a big, powerful middle linebacker to take on blocks, it makes sense that Dallas would go with Paea inside, as he provides more girth and run-stopping ability than Thornton. I predict that he will start over Thornton in Week 1.

Dallas also added former Giants’ defensive end Damontre Moore to the roster. Moore played just 104 snaps last season, but Dallas is hoping that pairing him with Rod Marinelli will be the right move to resurrect his career. Moore is just 24 and has 10 career sacks to his name, and he will be competing for a roster spot in camp.

In the draft, Dallas added three defensive linemen to compete for roles in 2017. The most notable addition is first-round pick Taco Charlton from Michigan.

Charlton will start his career at right defensive end and will likely start from Week 1 at that spot. While he doesn’t fit the traditional mold of a Marinelli right end, Charlton’s length and quickness will allow him to be productive as a rookie. He will see plenty of snaps in his first year at multiple positions, and he should be able to help against the run right away.

Dallas also selected defensive linemen Joey Ivie and Jordan Carrell in the seventh round of the draft. Each will provide quality depth as they fight for roster spots. Both are high-motor players who will make plays with athleticism and effort, and they will be competing against one another for a spot on the 53-man roster.

Ultimately, Dallas added talent and depth to its defensive line. While it won’t be the strength of the team going forward, it’s clear that Dallas wanted to address this position, and the Cowboys added lots of youth to the group. I expect the Cowboys to have an improved pass rush heading into 2017.

No. 2: Cornerback

At the end of the season, Pro Football Focus ranked the Dallas Cowboys’ secondary as the best unit in the league.

Despite their success in 2016, Dallas allowed its top two cornerbacks (as well as Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox) to walk out the door in free agency. So how can Dallas improve at a position that ranked No. 1 in the league last year? The answer is simple; turnovers.

Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne played a combined 1,509 snaps on defense last year, and together they combined for just two interceptions. While both cornerbacks played well last year, neither takes the ball away at a high rate, and that’s been true for each throughout their careers. Quarterbacks were not afraid to throw at either of them. While they were solid players, they just weren’t dynamic enough for Marinelli.

The Cowboys added four cornerbacks to the roster this season; three via the draft and one through free agency (Nolan Carroll). The goal for the Cowboys was to find cornerbacks who excel at taking the ball away and can fit better as zone corners in the Tampa-2 defense.

While Dallas added youth and playmakers to its cornerback room, that also means that the team may surrender more yardage. However, the hope is that the team found players who can create turnovers more frequently and give Dallas more flexibility in the secondary.

It may take a few weeks or months for this roster turnover to prove itself as a smart move, but by the end of the season, the cornerback unit should be much improved.

No. 3: Wide Receiver

Heading into free agency, it seemed as if the Cowboys were going to have a much different receiver corps entering 2017. Terrance Williams and Brice Butler both hit the market, and it was assumed both would find more money elsewhere.

However, Dallas was able to retain both Williams and Butler (at discounted deals), and that didn’t force its hand in the draft. Instead of reaching for a receiver due to need, the Cowboys were able to sit back and let the draft come to them.

This resulted in the team selecting not one, but two receivers in April’s draft. Dallas added a dynamic slot receiver in Ryan Switzer, as well as a big-bodied player in Noah Brown.

On top of retaining the team’s top-six receivers, the Cowboys were also able to add to the group. That alone should provide an upgrade, as Switzer and Brown will push the receivers at the bottom of the roster.

No. 4: Special Teams

To say the Cowboys’ special teams unit has been lackluster in the past five years is quite an understatement.

In the last six seasons, the Cowboys have failed to return a kickoff for a touchdown and only have one punt return touchdown. They’ve blocked just one punt and one field goal in the past six seasons. Outside of Dan Bailey, the Cowboys have had an average-at-best special teams unit.

To help improve the return game in 2017, the Cowboys added two returners this offseason, the first being Switzer in the draft. Not only will Switzer help as a receiver, but he actually may contribute even more as a returner his first few years in Dallas.

In his career at North Carolina, Switzer returned seven punts for touchdowns and averaged nearly 11 yards per return. He will likely be the team’s starting punt returner in Week 1 against the Giants.

The Cowboys also signed another returner in free agency; CFL star Quincy McDuffie. In 2016, McDuffie scored twice on kickoff returns, while averaging a career 12.6 yards per return on punt returns. He’s no lock to make the roster, but he will push Lucky Whitehead and Switzer in the return game.

Between Whitehead, Switzer and McDuffie, the Cowboys should have improved competition at both return spots, and that should produce much better play from the unit in 2017.

No. 5: Linebacker

While Dallas didn’t draft or sign one in free agency, the expectation is that its linebacker corps should be greatly improved in 2016. How can this be an improved unit without Dallas adding one player? The answer is simple; Jaylon Smith.

In 2016, the Cowboys selected Smith knowing full-well that he would likely miss the entire 2016 season and that there was a significant chance he wouldn’t play a down for the team. And while there’s still a chance that he may not, it seems like the odds of him being on the field in Week 1 against the Giants are growing daily.

Smith has been participating in the team’s OTAs, albeit one day on then another off. The goal is to keep him fresh and ready to go for the season, but by all accounts, it seems like he hasn’t been limited in practice.

Smith is still using an AFO brace to help lift his foot, but he can walk without the brace. He can lift his toes towards his shin, and his foot no longer drags.

Even if Smith returns to only 80 to 85 percent of his 2015 self, that will be an upgrade over the linebackers that were next to Sean Lee in 2016. It’s assumed that if Smith is cleared to get on the field physically, it won’t take him long to grasp the defensive playbook, as he’s one of the smarter linebackers to ever come out of the draft.

There is still a lot of unknown about Smith, but every day he progresses, it seems more likely that he will be able to contribute to the team in some capacity.

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Fun Things to Do Once You Arrive at North End Dallas

If you get to the city of Dallas, you might want to go to North End Dallas in order to see many fun things that you can do. It is a place that is perfect for tourists, and there are also many locations that locals like to visit from time to time. If you are a tourist, it is likely that you have done the Dallas CityPASS which is an exciting tour that will take you to many different destinations. You can also ride the bus and do the Dallas Attraction Tours which will take you to even more locations. Here are a few things that you ought to do once you arrive if you’ve never been to North End Dallas before.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

If you enjoy botanical gardens, you will definitely like to visit the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. You will get to see many beautiful flowers, and thus why you need to travel to Dallas during the spring time if you want to truly experience how beautiful it is. There are other things that you can see while you are there, and it is definitely one of the most relaxing places that you can go. Locals will also travel here because it is right next to a large body of water, and also a garden that is designed for children that they can also appreciate.

The Sixth Floor Museum

This is a Museum that will teach you all about John F. Kennedy, and an assortment of other things. It is a very organized tour, and not too long, making it perfect for people that would like to do more than one or two tours during the day. You should block off at least two hours, and if you are only there on the weekend, this is one place that you definitely need to go. It is a location that will give you a lot of information about Dallas and its history.

This quick overview of what you can do when you get to North End Dallas will make it worth your while to visit this beautiful location. It is a place that is designed to accommodate people that are interested in learning about the city, but also having a good time. You can also visit other destinations including the George W. Bush Museum, and you can also take Segway tours if you prefer doing that. There are so many things that you can do, plus you can see the beautiful skyscrapers that have been seen in many movies and TV shows. Book your trip today and find out why so many people love the city of Dallas.